iFetch Friday Conditions

iFetch Friday Conditions

iFetch Friday Competition Conditions

Please read the following conditions carefully before entering your post into our #ifetchfriday competition.
If any of these rules are broken your post may be removed without prior notice (however, you will be informed after we remove it and given a reason)

1. Only one entry per dog (multiple dogs are allowed but you must be the registered owner in each case).
2. The use of 'vote sharing' or 'page like' generating groups will not be accepted when used to gain page likes. Sharing amongst any other group that is not in anyway related to vote sharing is acceptable and encouraged.
3. Only dogs will be accepted, no other animals.

Other points to consider:

The judges vote is final
The judges have the right to delete an entry if there is sufficient evidence to suggest 'vote sharing' has been used to gain page likes
Any complaints must be made in writing to sales@funpet.co.uk
The competition owners reserve the right to remove posts that they feel are 'not in the spirit' of the competition (this could include cruelty, blatant promotion or similar)


How the judging is done:

The judging team select their favourite 25 entries (or 10% of the total amount of entries if more than 250 entires received).
These entries are then fed into a random generator which will select one winning entry at random.



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